Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm looking for life insurance, its actually pretty difficult and not a topic I like to discuss at all! Who wants to think of those things anyways, not when your 25. But it is the responsible thing to do when your a parent and looking to purchase a home.

Anyways, I ended up going through matrixdirect to find an insurance company to insure me. Why? Because in 2007 I had gastric bypass surgery. Thats the one where they cut down the size of your stomach. Well after a loss of over 130 lbs I am much much much healthier, physically and mentally! What was more amazing was I was pregnant 3 months after the surgery and have a wonderful little daughter for it too! And those doctors told me to terminate the pregnancy here are my sentiments! :P

Why does this have anything to do with life insurance? Because currently I have only found one that will insure me because of the surgery. Lets see, I lost over 130 lbs, I don't have diabetes, no high blood pressure, my mental capabilities are much better, i exercise, I eat right, I even had a child which I was infertile before the surgery. There are many corrections and benefits from the surgery itself, so I cannot understand why in this day and age of risk, would life insurance companies not look at me and say, yes she had surgery but boy, she is in much better health, and a lot less risk at this time!

Now I know it is probably because there are no long term studies or even records about the surgery really in its known capacity. However, I am no worse off, and in some cases, even better off than those who can't have the surgery.

So to matrixdirect for their help in finding an insurance company, I appreciate it! And let all those others out there know that we're people, we're less risky, and we're very very healthy! The amount of physical and mental testing we have to go through just to have the surgery! The counseling, the labs, all the doctors visits....ummm yeah we're worth insuring trust me!

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