Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why two is always harder than one

Typically, the saying is two heads are better than one...well when you're talking about having two children, the saying should be two are always harder than one. It might still be better, but I guarantee it is harder. I honestly do not know how SAHP or single parents handle is day in and day out. You are obviously much braver souls than I am.

Emily adores her little sister, she just happens to hate that we, and especially Mommy and Grandma have to pay attention to her. Emily misses being the center of the universe something terrible and I'm afraid we are spoiling her to make up for the times we don't get to focus on her.

And oh boy, threes are soooo much worse than 2 yr olds! Much much more independent and troublesome. Not to mention she gets scared of all these little things and wants protection from it all! I have no problem, but being scared of a fire alarm to the point she won't sleep by okay, she won't be in our bed when she is a teenager but still.

Last night I was frustrated to the point of just sitting down and refusing to do anything else as it all seems to be too much. I think I have it easy so why am I being so horrible about all this? The good news is Daph slept from 9:30 to 5 am! Yay for sleep for both of us. Now if I could just stop having Emily crowd me in the bed...

I already have a plan for dinner...I thought ahead...I hope I can continue this trend. Maybe tonight we can get the Emily to build another tent and we'll all just camp out on the living room floor.

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