Friday, February 20, 2009

Reluctant SAHM

I love my daughter, she wasn't planned for, but I love her to pieces and then some. However, I had always planned on having a career before having children, and if not, working like so many other mothers out there to ensure that she has the best life possible. My husband supports us well, while we struggle most months, we are at least able to make it. He earns too much for us to qualify for assistance but too little to get us anywhere. We are having to live with my parents because we haven't been able to afford to rent an apartment or house on our own, since this area is way over inflated! We've been here for 2 years now and going nuts, besides which my parents need a home of their own without children bothering them and I don't know how they can stand it much longer. Which is why I must work. I was finishing my degree when I had my daughter, and stayed home for the first year of her life to finish it completely. To have a college degree, a bachelor of science, and in accounting! It was a dream of mine. So after nearing completion of my degree back in October 2008, I started looking for work. I had a graduation date all set and was simply finishing out the last classes, so I thought that looking for work would be ideal. I have posted on so many different job boards, I can't possibly name them all, however a few are Careerbuilder, Monster, JobFox,, Indeed, Dice, Accountinggigs, iHireAccountings, and various staffing agencies, Accountemps, SelectStaff, Sage Staffing, AppleOne, ManPower, Volt...From mid-October to February I averaged 5 applications a day. So, do the math, 5 a day for 105 days approximately is 525 jobs that I have applied to, this does not include the ones that I have printed resumes and applications and walked in for. Yes it is the worst economy and job market in history, yes I have no experience in accounting, and yes we're out in the middle of the Antelope Valley away from civilization it seems. However, do all employers believe that education counts for nothing???? That my putting four years of my life and earning a bachelor's degree in accounting, means that I'm completely worthless and couldn't even do an accounting clerks job?

Per the occupation outlook handbook, new graduates in accounting in my area should be earning roughly between 40-50k a year. I've been brought down to asking for 12$ an hour which is less than what I was earning when I was an office assistant!!!!! In fact, at an interview with AppleOne, I said that I wanted no less than $37,000 and was laughed at and was told that I was reaching for the stars because I didn't have experience. Excuse me?

So let me set the record straight....

1. I have an associate degree in business management
2. I have a bachelor's degree in acccounting

I have attended college for 6 years now, and will continue when I go back for my masters as it seems I have no other options other than to educate myself beyond certain positions.

I guess it falls back to the same question in the move "Secret of My Success", in which Michael J Fox asks, "How can I get experience if no one will hire me?" in response that he too did not have enough experience for a position.

What am I to do? How will I fulfill my dream? I've applied directly to the Big 4 and other large accounting firms, local accounting firms seem to have the same prejudice against those of us non-experienced, and the government here is cutting back drastically!

So at this point of time, I am a reluctant SAHM. I love watching my daughter grow and develop, learn to play with her tiny fingers and how to say One. Yet, to provide the home that she deserves and the life I have promised to provide for my family, I must, absolutely, must find work.

So this is to all you employers out there. Education means something still! If you don't know what, read the curriculum of the school of the individual in question. You might just find out that their classwork prepares them much better and to the standards of the industry than experience can. As in accounting when all the rules must be followed, experience = bad habits and shady practices, education coursework = MUST follow the GAAP, GAAS, the FASB, and the IASB, and GASB, and all other standards set for accountants, auditors, and other assurance providers.

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  1. To just update this...I now am 4 classes from finishing my Master's of Science: Accountancy. Yep, that means with experience I would qualify for a CPA license following the exam.

    I currently work as an industrial engineer....